The struggle is REAL

I sit here, in my office, each and every day, working every angle of my business that I feel drawn to do. Little do I know that I get sucked in/down paths that lead me away from my mission. I travel down a road that I think is going to bring people into my life! I travel down a road that I think is going to further my business, build connections, and bring the brave souls that need my service right to me. Then it happens…….I realize that it is a new way for my fear to take over! This path is leading me to a place of “comfort” a space that I am comfortable in instead of a place that helps me grow.


It is in these moments that I wonder…..I pray….what the hell do you want me to do? I am a woman that TAKES ACTION, just give me the action you want me to take! Tell me how to do it, and I WILL DO IT! I am the most coach-able person YOU WILL EVER MEET….I MEAN FOR REAL! I want success so badly, and so often I can taste it….it is RIGHT THERE…..and as it slips away I start to question God. I start to question my decision to launch this company. I start to question what the hell I am doing here……and that is when I know my gremlin is BACK in full force….she just looks different today! It isn’t me talking… is her! That is when I realize she has tricked me yet again, but I take back my power, and move forward!


So today was a day of change, and growth, and a new chapter! I will be launching a video series tomorrow! It will be a series of tips, tricks, motivation, and HONESTY!!! It will be a time for each of you to get real with yourselves. Are you a person that takes action like me? Are ready to play in this game, because I want to play BALL! I want to pitch, and have the batter ready to take on the world and make some changes! I want women that are ready to move forward and ditch the fears that have been holding them back. I want women that look at other organizations within their company and WANT THEIR ORGANIZATION TO BE THAT! I want women that want to DOUBLE their organizations…..I am serious people! Are you ready to play? I have no doubt in my mind that I can get you EXACTLY where you want to be!


I have always been a fighter. I will fight, and WIN and conquer my fear in its every form! I know that I have said this a lot lately, so apparently someone STILL NEEDS TO HEAR IT! Fear will NEVER go away! If you don’t have fear you aren’t growing! What happens is your fear shows up differently and the amount of time it paralyzes you is less and less each time you take back your power. I used to be paralyzed by fear for DAYS ON END! Now, I recognize it, and immediately make a shift. It is a confidence within me. I will not let my fears stop me from having the life I deserve for myself and my family. With that said, it breaks my heart every time I talk with someone who has fear controlling them so much that they don’t want to move forward and stop it! It doesn’t make sense to me. In that moment, you need to stand up and JOIN THE FIGHT! PLAY THE GAME!


As a leader what are you showing your team???? How do you expect them to move and grow, and build their successful business if you aren’t willing to move from the place you are in. In order for them to move and grow you need to SHOW UP to the game differently! A leader that has a half million dollar organization is NOT THE SAME LEADER as when she has a MILLION DOLLAR ORGANIZATION. She comes to the plate ready to play! She pursue’s her passion, and “coaches” her team. She locks arms with them, and climbs that mountain together. She gets them engaged and motivated and shows her support in a different way. Are you that leader or are you letting fear prevent you from becoming that leader? This is where EVERYTHING SHIFTS! If you are reading this going HOLY SHIT she is talking to me……then reach out! Take a stand, JOIN THE FIGHT and lets build that million dollar organization. I believe that you can! Why don’t you?




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