Take Control Of Your Biz

I have had some conversations with some of my friends about the “parties” they have booked, and some of the reasons why they haven’t followed through with their parties. Or even, things that would have prevented them from rescheduling and wanted to share some thoughts around this with you.
This starts with you making a decision each and every day that your business is a priority, and take control of the things that happen IN business everyday! So I want to talk about invitations, because I feel that this is a HUGE “deal breaker” in business NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! If you want someone to come to something that you are doing, they need to get an invitation from you!

NOT A FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE, NOT A TEXT MESSAGE! A paper invitation in the mail that you created, or had someone else create for you, that is personal to every single party/event. So I want to share with you the steps I took to make sure that the invitation portion of my business was IN MY CONTROL, and not the control of my hostess!


  1. Collect a guest list from hostess-I had a 30 name and address minimum
  2. I Printed, created guest labels, put postage on the invites and MAILED THEM
  3. Hostess Coached my hostess with fun scavenger hunt games to get you following up with people to get her guests to her party!!!


First and foremost sending invitations in the mail. Why is this important? What does it change?

From a business side, you take control of that aspect of your party/biz! You get a list of names and addresses from your hostess, which shows she is committed to her party. You send invites in the mail! Whether you pay the postage or the hostess does is up to you, for me, I paid, and gave them that amount back in free credit! You know SO much from this one shift in business. SERIOUSLY!

A. You know how many were invited

B. You know when those invites were sent…..2 weeks before vs 2 days before!!!

C. You can make this a fun game with your hostess as you encourage her to reach out to people, you can do special prizes or a scavenger hunt, or things to get her ALL JACKED UP!

How often do you get something fun in the mail???? I mean really! The only thing that comes in the mail is junk and bills. It is so exciting to get something fun in the mail, a personal invitation for your guests to come and see their girlfriends, hang out, and check out the amazing product you sell.

Themes….I used themes to add a FUN twist to the party. I created the invite around the theme and had templates so all I needed to do was to change hostess/party details and print labels for the guests from the guest list and I was set! I wanted people to get that invite in the mail and know that this wasn’t going to be like the last “jewelry party” they went to!!! It was going to be a BLAST!!!!

Doing this increases attendance, sales, bookings and of course recruits!!! You are setting yourself apart from other reps within your company. You are showing what you are all about. People getting an invitation see you have invested in your business. Your hostess knows you are committed to her, and she needs to be committed to you! You have taken control of this one very SMALL aspect in business, and turned it into something that can totally change your business!

Now, taking this one step further, ask yourself why your not doing this NOW!!! The reality is there is a fear behind it……

What if my hostess won’t book because I want names and addresses?

My Response: if she isn’t willing to get you names and addresses…I mean seriously…ask for her Christmas card list, then how committed to her party is she anyways? Do you want to have a quality party????

If you want to have a CONSISTENT, QUALITY BUSINESS, then take this one step! When I was in party plan my leader ALWAYS said, a booking isn’t a booking until you have a guest list!!! This is something that was instilled within our entire organization, and that is why we were always growing! It starts with your bookings! Invites bring more people. If people aren’t at your parties, you can’t sell to them, book them, or sign them….PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

So starting TODAY, ask for a guest list, send invitations, and come back and comment how it is working in your business because I can’t wait to hear all the good news you will have to share!!! YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IS WORTH IT!!


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