Easter Celebration

I sit and think about all the amazing things in my life today, and realizing that if it wasn’t for everything that Jesus did for us, that life would not even be possible. There is so much of my business that comes back to faith. A faith that I am on the right path, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. A faith that I am a PIECE OF HIM, he is a PIECE OF ME, and in him everything is possible.


There was a time in my life that I didn’t have the strongest faith. I thought that showing up each and every Sunday was good enough, and I could live my life as I wanted the rest of the week. It was my during my senior high years that a friend introduced me to a different form of faith. A faith based on prayer, building a relationship with God, and living each day as he asks us to live. This wasn’t an easy journey for me. I remember spending lots of days questioning and wondering why certain things happened within my religion and wondering why the focus was so much on church vs who and how we are as a person. I decided to take a path that was considered forbidden by many in my family. Being raised Catholic meant that this was not going to be an easy road, but it was a road I was willing to travel, because I had beliefs and looked at things a bit differently then what fit into what I had been taught.


When my husband and I got engaged we both decided that we wanted to find a church to be a part of that we enjoyed attending. A church that welcomed us with open arms. He came from a Lutheran denomination, and I had participated at a certain church in town with a very dear friend of mine. We found the church we loved attending, I found a faith that fills my soul, and I actively participate in that church. Some may look at me and see someone that doesn’t attend every Sunday, and that is fine, because I know that church has never been about Sunday Worship ALONE, it is about what you do every single day!


As my relationship with the lord has become stronger, so has my business! Everyday that belief in myself grows along with my belief in him. Everyday my trust becomes stronger. Everyday my journey more concrete! What I do is all about creating a better world around for all. Helping people ditch their fear all comes back to faith. It comes back to jumping off the cliff, and believing that God, Universe, or Source…whatever you call it, will be there to catch you! It will give you the wings to FLY HIGH as soon as you jump! So, today I hope that your faith is strong, your belief is unwavering, and your journey is CLEAR!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!


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