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So much is changing in business for everyone. For me, the part that is changing has been the clients that I serve. As I have honed in on who those clients were and finished my training to best be able to serve them, I began looking at my website. Lets be real, this was MONTHS AGO. Today was the day. Today was the day that I sat down and put it all into words.

Who I serve.

Why I serve.

How I serve.

It was a full website revamp-truly to the best of my “building websites” ability. It is so easy, yet sometimes so challenging to put what we do into words. Speaking from the heart and knowing what we know business is constantly evolving. As business owners, what happens in your business is constantly evolving. You as a business owner is constantly evolving.

As I have trained in EOS I have found myself using some of the tools. One of the tools that we implement within EOS is called the “scorecard”. The purpose of this tool is two fold. One, it is intended to help you get clarity around the activities you want to be doing every week in order to move your business forward. Two, it is also intended to give you accountability in getting those activities done, especially if you have a call set up each week with someone to “announce” your card numbers to. More importantly, your scorecard gives you a weekly assessment, for the next 90 days to allow you to project what is going to happen in your business versus being reactionary to what happened last week!

So, when we attended EOS Boot Camp training we got our business development scorecards. It listed the weekly activities on it.

FULL DISCLOSURE-up until this point, I haven’t done all that great with tracking things in my business. I took more of the “get up in the morning, decide what I want to focus on, do those tasks, and call it a day” approach.

I am continually SHOCKED each week at the progress I am making in my business as I review my scorecard. I have found that I do the best job with achieving my scorecard numbers if I review that card on Monday or Tuesday. I make sure that I have everything either completed for the week, or at least scheduled on my calendar to be able to complete it by the end of the week. On Tuesday’s when I review my scorecard and find that I missed something, it puts me right into action-get on the phone and schedule the appointment, or getting on my computer and sending out some information to prospects, or even the dreaded follow-up! I do it, because I know that Monday morning the next week I am going to have to announce-to all my fellow implementers-what my numbers are, and I sure as hell won’t be the one with ZEROS on my card!

Want some help creating your own scorecard?  Lets talk! I would be happy to support you in creating your scorecard in order to move your business forward. Of course, we won’t go as deeply as I do with my EOS clients, but I can help you get a first cut done on the scorecard and you can take it from there!

Lastly, I want to say Thank You! Thank you for following my business journey! Thank you for always sending your kind words, and pictures of EVERYTHING that has arrows on it to me! I love knowing that when you all see arrows you think of me, but I would rather you think about how you are following your own arrow!!! TIME TO FLY!

Talk Soon!


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