Hi, I’m Melissa Sonsalla!

If you would have told me that someday I would be running my own company I would have told you, “you are crazy!” As I think about it, I have been running a "company" since I was 10. I just didn't know it back then! 

It started at 10 years old selling greeting cards. I always had a knack for business, but in all honesty I grew up never wanting to be a business owner, but dreaming of being the business owners "secretary". I grew up and went to college for business and was doing direct sales on a minimal basis to earn some extra money. Years later after getting married, and having kids I found myself longing to own my own company. I wanted my own business, and so I started a full time career in direct sales. 

I found myself advancing very quickly in that business, and all of the sudden I was teaching others to do the same. I was growing a business, and making a damn good income doing it. Truly the part that I loved most though was helping others achieve what they were looking for out of their business. After 7 years with the company, the company decided they wanted to take an online approach to their sales, they closed the company and I was left to determine what was next. 

That is when I decided to launch my own company as a business success coach. I wanted to help lots of business owners get more of what they want. I wanted them to experience the growth that I had. I trained in energy leadership and worked with my clients teaching them that there are two sides to business. One side is how you show up-who you are as a person. The other side is having the proper system and tools in place to move you forward. For the first two years in my business I focused on the first side-training companies, sales forces, and individuals how to maximize that part of their business. 

I began working with a company and quickly realized that what they needed was NOT energy leadership training. They needed a system-a process-something to manage their business better. That is when I found EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). I went on a HUNT to find something for this company to help them grow and was introduced to EOS. As I started researching more about this model I fell in love with its simplicity, its tools, its disciplines, and most importantly the results that companies were seeing when they started working with an implementer to walk through the EOS process. 

I knew that this was the next step in my journey so I took the steps to become a Professional EOS Implementer!

Now it is my passion to work with companies that started out as "one man" shows in the trade industries. The business owners that started out KICKING ASS at what they do-which lead to business growth, and now that business has grown to employees, and a leadership team with a whole lot of "moving parts" in order to keep that business going, and quite frankly, a business owner that is ready to tap out because this isn't originally what they went into business expecting! 

I had a conversation a while back with a gentleman who has a brother that is a lawyer. I was sharing EOS with him and he said, "my brother started out as a lawyer, opened his own firm, and after a couple years, he sold the firm and is working within it just as a lawyer. He got sick of the bullshit that can come with owning a business and he made the choice to go back to doing what he does best, being a lawyer." I sat there wishing I could have met his brother to share EOS with him. Maybe it would have changed his mind?

I know business is challenging, I have been running my own company for 10 years. It is the challenges that keep pushing me forward to find solutions to those challenges! Remember, I am a business owner too, and I am also looking for the ways to get more of what I want out of my business!!

Now as a Professional EOS Implement and Business Success Coach, I am implementing EOS in my own business, and I help business owners get more of what they want out of their business. Whether you are looking to achieve sustainable and scale-able growth or you want more profitability, the EOS model, and the book "Traction" will help you get it all! 

So remember, you are here on this website for a reason! Do you feel like your business is RUNNING YOU instead of YOU running your business? Do you want more Revenue? Are you tired of never having “enough”? Are you tired of feeling like you are “missing” something, but are unsure of how to make it all more manageable or what exactly is even missing? Are you telling yourself there has to be a better way to LIVE life, not just WORK your life? I am living my dream and want to help you do the same! So, lets make that happen together!  STOP searching - HERE IT IS! Let’s do this!