What’s New?

So much is changing in business for everyone. For me, the part that is changing has been the clients that I serve. As I have honed in on who those clients were and finished my training to best be able to serve them, I began looking at my website. Lets be real, this was MONTHS AGO. Today was the day. Today was the day that I sat down and put it all into words.

Who I serve.

Why I serve.

How I serve.

It was a full website revamp-truly to the best of my “building websites” ability. It is so easy, yet sometimes so challenging to put what we do into words. Speaking from the heart and knowing what we know business is constantly evolving. As business owners, what happens in your business is constantly evolving. You as a business owner is constantly evolving.

As I have trained in EOS I have found myself using some of the tools. One of the tools that we implement within EOS is called the “scorecard”. The purpose of this tool is two fold. One, it is intended to help you get clarity around the activities you want to be doing every week in order to move your business forward. Two, it is also intended to give you accountability in getting those activities done, especially if you have a call set up each week with someone to “announce” your card numbers to. More importantly, your scorecard gives you a weekly assessment, for the next 90 days to allow you to project what is going to happen in your business versus being reactionary to what happened last week!

So, when we attended EOS Boot Camp training we got our business development scorecards. It listed the weekly activities on it.

FULL DISCLOSURE-up until this point, I haven’t done all that great with tracking things in my business. I took more of the “get up in the morning, decide what I want to focus on, do those tasks, and call it a day” approach.

I am continually SHOCKED each week at the progress I am making in my business as I review my scorecard. I have found that I do the best job with achieving my scorecard numbers if I review that card on Monday or Tuesday. I make sure that I have everything either completed for the week, or at least scheduled on my calendar to be able to complete it by the end of the week. On Tuesday’s when I review my scorecard and find that I missed something, it puts me right into action-get on the phone and schedule the appointment, or getting on my computer and sending out some information to prospects, or even the dreaded follow-up! I do it, because I know that Monday morning the next week I am going to have to announce-to all my fellow implementers-what my numbers are, and I sure as hell won’t be the one with ZEROS on my card!

Want some help creating your own scorecard?  Lets talk! I would be happy to support you in creating your scorecard in order to move your business forward. Of course, we won’t go as deeply as I do with my EOS clients, but I can help you get a first cut done on the scorecard and you can take it from there!

Lastly, I want to say Thank You! Thank you for following my business journey! Thank you for always sending your kind words, and pictures of EVERYTHING that has arrows on it to me! I love knowing that when you all see arrows you think of me, but I would rather you think about how you are following your own arrow!!! TIME TO FLY!

Talk Soon!


What The HELL?

I find myself sitting in my office this afternoon, looking at all the shit on my desk going WHAT THE HELL? I mean seriously! I know that life is full for everyone, yet sometimes I wonder what life would be like without running a business….being a mom…being a wife….and all that other shit that we have to deal with as women. Life isn’t easy….I mean really, it isn’t easy, but it definitely is WHAT WE MAKE IT!


As I think about life without all of these aspects I couldn’t imagine it! Yes it is crazy. Yes I feel days when I don’t want to run my business. Yes there are days when I wished I had a full time “job” that I could punch in, punch out and be done because shit is never DONE in my business. There is always something to work on. Yet, at the same time I couldn’t have it any other way. I did the full time job thing, I have even done it a couple of times…..and NEVER liked it. I am an entrepreneurial spirit and I LOVE to SOAR! My life just wouldn’t my MY LIFE if it didn’t have those 3 things, Mom, CEO, Wife!!!


So, as I reflect on my clean desk…after 30 minutes of cleaning/clearing/filing, and realize some of the other aspects of my business that I have allowed to SLIP I have some things I found I wanted to share with you!!! How I choose to move forward, instead of get frustrated, overwhelmed, and pissed off at myself for things not being “the way they should be!”


  1. Things will NEVER be the way they “should” be! That is LIFE! Every time you think you have it figured out, God will sock something at you to make you remember how great you have it! Think about it. Things can be going great, and just like that, in the blink of an eye, things can change. So, I can either get mad or roll with the punches….I choose to roll…it is WAY more fun that way! Don’t sweat the small stuff right!?
  2. Intention is important. I intend to get a letter out every week to my “club”, but sometimes I forget, I get distracted, and weeks go by. Then, I wake up one morning (THIS morning) and go “OH SHIT! It has been weeks since I connected with my club members. I want to reach out to them today!) It happens. My intention is to work through things in an organized way each and every day, and some days that shit just isn’t real! I intend to be the CEO of my company EVER DAY, but some days, I have to be MOM to a sick little boy who wants to snuggle. Every day I intend to stay positive, work my business, and move forward, but some days that gremlin sneaks in and kicks my ass and I have to get my head back in the game to make a positive impact the next day. So, take each day, set your intention, and do what you can to stick to it, but if life happens, be compassionate with YOURSELF!
  3. Trust in your purpose! I have felt a huge shift since I really started trusting in myself, and in my purpose, and in my faith and really “letting go, letting GOD!” I think that this should be reflected in every aspect of your life, not just your business. I know and understand that sometimes I have to be Mom, CEO, and Wife….ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I also trust and know that is the way it is supposed to be for me. So even when those challenging days come, I don’t get all bent out of shape because I know that EACH challenge is an opportunity for growth. I know that each challenge brings me to the next stepping stone…whether that is a challenge as Mom, CEO, or wife, it doesn’t matter! It is a place for me to learn, grow and become BETTER!

I mean seriously…think about it! Are you the same person you were a year ago?? I know I sure as hell am not! I am not even the same person I was yesterday….because I learned lessons, overcame challenges, and MOVED FORWARD! That is what this is ALL ABOUT! Moving forward! getting UN-STUCK! Shifting your focus and living in a place of caring, sharing, giving, faith and TRUST! Guess what? The more you do that, the more your business will grow!


What will you do TODAY to move forward?? I can’t wait to hear it!


Easter Celebration

I sit and think about all the amazing things in my life today, and realizing that if it wasn’t for everything that Jesus did for us, that life would not even be possible. There is so much of my business that comes back to faith. A faith that I am on the right path, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. A faith that I am a PIECE OF HIM, he is a PIECE OF ME, and in him everything is possible.


There was a time in my life that I didn’t have the strongest faith. I thought that showing up each and every Sunday was good enough, and I could live my life as I wanted the rest of the week. It was my during my senior high years that a friend introduced me to a different form of faith. A faith based on prayer, building a relationship with God, and living each day as he asks us to live. This wasn’t an easy journey for me. I remember spending lots of days questioning and wondering why certain things happened within my religion and wondering why the focus was so much on church vs who and how we are as a person. I decided to take a path that was considered forbidden by many in my family. Being raised Catholic meant that this was not going to be an easy road, but it was a road I was willing to travel, because I had beliefs and looked at things a bit differently then what fit into what I had been taught.


When my husband and I got engaged we both decided that we wanted to find a church to be a part of that we enjoyed attending. A church that welcomed us with open arms. He came from a Lutheran denomination, and I had participated at a certain church in town with a very dear friend of mine. We found the church we loved attending, I found a faith that fills my soul, and I actively participate in that church. Some may look at me and see someone that doesn’t attend every Sunday, and that is fine, because I know that church has never been about Sunday Worship ALONE, it is about what you do every single day!


As my relationship with the lord has become stronger, so has my business! Everyday that belief in myself grows along with my belief in him. Everyday my trust becomes stronger. Everyday my journey more concrete! What I do is all about creating a better world around for all. Helping people ditch their fear all comes back to faith. It comes back to jumping off the cliff, and believing that God, Universe, or Source…whatever you call it, will be there to catch you! It will give you the wings to FLY HIGH as soon as you jump! So, today I hope that your faith is strong, your belief is unwavering, and your journey is CLEAR!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!


Take Control Of Your Biz

I have had some conversations with some of my friends about the “parties” they have booked, and some of the reasons why they haven’t followed through with their parties. Or even, things that would have prevented them from rescheduling and wanted to share some thoughts around this with you.
This starts with you making a decision each and every day that your business is a priority, and take control of the things that happen IN business everyday! So I want to talk about invitations, because I feel that this is a HUGE “deal breaker” in business NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! If you want someone to come to something that you are doing, they need to get an invitation from you!

NOT A FACEBOOK EVENT INVITE, NOT A TEXT MESSAGE! A paper invitation in the mail that you created, or had someone else create for you, that is personal to every single party/event. So I want to share with you the steps I took to make sure that the invitation portion of my business was IN MY CONTROL, and not the control of my hostess!


  1. Collect a guest list from hostess-I had a 30 name and address minimum
  2. I Printed, created guest labels, put postage on the invites and MAILED THEM
  3. Hostess Coached my hostess with fun scavenger hunt games to get you following up with people to get her guests to her party!!!


First and foremost sending invitations in the mail. Why is this important? What does it change?

From a business side, you take control of that aspect of your party/biz! You get a list of names and addresses from your hostess, which shows she is committed to her party. You send invites in the mail! Whether you pay the postage or the hostess does is up to you, for me, I paid, and gave them that amount back in free credit! You know SO much from this one shift in business. SERIOUSLY!

A. You know how many were invited

B. You know when those invites were sent…..2 weeks before vs 2 days before!!!

C. You can make this a fun game with your hostess as you encourage her to reach out to people, you can do special prizes or a scavenger hunt, or things to get her ALL JACKED UP!

How often do you get something fun in the mail???? I mean really! The only thing that comes in the mail is junk and bills. It is so exciting to get something fun in the mail, a personal invitation for your guests to come and see their girlfriends, hang out, and check out the amazing product you sell.

Themes….I used themes to add a FUN twist to the party. I created the invite around the theme and had templates so all I needed to do was to change hostess/party details and print labels for the guests from the guest list and I was set! I wanted people to get that invite in the mail and know that this wasn’t going to be like the last “jewelry party” they went to!!! It was going to be a BLAST!!!!

Doing this increases attendance, sales, bookings and of course recruits!!! You are setting yourself apart from other reps within your company. You are showing what you are all about. People getting an invitation see you have invested in your business. Your hostess knows you are committed to her, and she needs to be committed to you! You have taken control of this one very SMALL aspect in business, and turned it into something that can totally change your business!

Now, taking this one step further, ask yourself why your not doing this NOW!!! The reality is there is a fear behind it……

What if my hostess won’t book because I want names and addresses?

My Response: if she isn’t willing to get you names and addresses…I mean seriously…ask for her Christmas card list, then how committed to her party is she anyways? Do you want to have a quality party????

If you want to have a CONSISTENT, QUALITY BUSINESS, then take this one step! When I was in party plan my leader ALWAYS said, a booking isn’t a booking until you have a guest list!!! This is something that was instilled within our entire organization, and that is why we were always growing! It starts with your bookings! Invites bring more people. If people aren’t at your parties, you can’t sell to them, book them, or sign them….PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

So starting TODAY, ask for a guest list, send invitations, and come back and comment how it is working in your business because I can’t wait to hear all the good news you will have to share!!! YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS IS WORTH IT!!


The struggle is REAL

I sit here, in my office, each and every day, working every angle of my business that I feel drawn to do. Little do I know that I get sucked in/down paths that lead me away from my mission. I travel down a road that I think is going to bring people into my life! I travel down a road that I think is going to further my business, build connections, and bring the brave souls that need my service right to me. Then it happens…….I realize that it is a new way for my fear to take over! This path is leading me to a place of “comfort” a space that I am comfortable in instead of a place that helps me grow.


It is in these moments that I wonder…..I pray….what the hell do you want me to do? I am a woman that TAKES ACTION, just give me the action you want me to take! Tell me how to do it, and I WILL DO IT! I am the most coach-able person YOU WILL EVER MEET….I MEAN FOR REAL! I want success so badly, and so often I can taste it….it is RIGHT THERE…..and as it slips away I start to question God. I start to question my decision to launch this company. I start to question what the hell I am doing here……and that is when I know my gremlin is BACK in full force….she just looks different today! It isn’t me talking…..it is her! That is when I realize she has tricked me yet again, but I take back my power, and move forward!


So today was a day of change, and growth, and a new chapter! I will be launching a video series tomorrow! It will be a series of tips, tricks, motivation, and HONESTY!!! It will be a time for each of you to get real with yourselves. Are you a person that takes action like me? Are ready to play in this game, because I want to play BALL! I want to pitch, and have the batter ready to take on the world and make some changes! I want women that are ready to move forward and ditch the fears that have been holding them back. I want women that look at other organizations within their company and WANT THEIR ORGANIZATION TO BE THAT! I want women that want to DOUBLE their organizations…..I am serious people! Are you ready to play? I have no doubt in my mind that I can get you EXACTLY where you want to be!


I have always been a fighter. I will fight, and WIN and conquer my fear in its every form! I know that I have said this a lot lately, so apparently someone STILL NEEDS TO HEAR IT! Fear will NEVER go away! If you don’t have fear you aren’t growing! What happens is your fear shows up differently and the amount of time it paralyzes you is less and less each time you take back your power. I used to be paralyzed by fear for DAYS ON END! Now, I recognize it, and immediately make a shift. It is a confidence within me. I will not let my fears stop me from having the life I deserve for myself and my family. With that said, it breaks my heart every time I talk with someone who has fear controlling them so much that they don’t want to move forward and stop it! It doesn’t make sense to me. In that moment, you need to stand up and JOIN THE FIGHT! PLAY THE GAME!


As a leader what are you showing your team???? How do you expect them to move and grow, and build their successful business if you aren’t willing to move from the place you are in. In order for them to move and grow you need to SHOW UP to the game differently! A leader that has a half million dollar organization is NOT THE SAME LEADER as when she has a MILLION DOLLAR ORGANIZATION. She comes to the plate ready to play! She pursue’s her passion, and “coaches” her team. She locks arms with them, and climbs that mountain together. She gets them engaged and motivated and shows her support in a different way. Are you that leader or are you letting fear prevent you from becoming that leader? This is where EVERYTHING SHIFTS! If you are reading this going HOLY SHIT she is talking to me……then reach out! Take a stand, JOIN THE FIGHT and lets build that million dollar organization. I believe that you can! Why don’t you?




The end is near…HAHA

Just feel like I need to write today and don’t even know where to begin. I sit in tears as things just aren’t where I wanted them to be on January 27. I am nearing the end of the month and haven’t met my goals. I keep pushing which only pushes people away but having a hard time trusting in God’s plan. I know that so many struggle with this exact same thing. So instead of focusing on what hasn’t happened in January lets focus on what HAS!

If we continue to focus on the bad things we just perpetuate more BAD. So lets focus on the good and bring some more of THAT into our lives. As I review my calendar I have connected with 21 people this month! Most of them were people that I didn’t even know a month ago! I am working with a new client who wants to DOUBLE HER ORGANIZATION in the next year to a MILLION DOLLAR ORGANIZATION! Isn’t that exciting to think about! Am so excited to be with her on THAT journey! I am meeting new people every day! Not only am I being connected to those that want/need my support, but also finding those that can support me in my business as well. See I am growing, outgrowing some of the tools I use now and it is time for some new tools and fit me better! Time for an upgrade! And all the sudden those people come dancing into my life!! LOVE THAT!

I think most importantly this month I have had the flexibility in my calendar to be present with my husband through everything he is dealing with as we approach his 6th knee surgery. The appointments, the travel, the x-rays, the mri’s, the old surgeon, the new surgeon, but most of all the conversations that have happened on the way to and from these appointments. It is amazing how much better communication works without 3 children close by!! These appointments can be set up around my calendar and I can still run my business and be there to support him! My business is mobile because I am the key to my business! Well, me and my phone!! I don’t have to be home, or in my office, or any specific location because my business moves with me. That is something I wouldn’t trade at all right now. It is too valuable to me to be able to be that mobile and present for him.

I was sick at the beginning of the month and took 2 days out of work to care for myself, which mainly consisted of sleep! I did that because that was what my body told me I needed. How often do we burn ourselves out at both ends and then find we don’t have the “time” to take care of ourselves? Probably too often! Taking that time for me brought 2 things. 1. A healthy me because I can only serve others when I am healthy 2. The realization of how much is affected when I am “out of the game”! All the while realizing that if I had that J O B I wouldn’t have had a choice. I would have probably gone to work because I “had” to. Which would have only worn me out more and made me less present as a wife and mother at home.

So even though the end is near, and the goals aren’t met YET….I TRUST they will be. I trust that my last 2 dates will fill in for people that are ready to hear about the business success model I use. I TRUST that those people will find me! I also am asking you to shift your focus with me over the next couple of days. Instead of focusing on what hasn’t happened in January, lets share what HAS happened! Here is my list below, and I ask you to comment your successes so far in January as well! It isn’t over until January 31 at Midnight!!!!

21 new connections

4 live presentations

7 new attendees into group coaching calls

1 NEW client

Attended 3 Network Meetings with 3 different groups of women

Flexibility to attend 6 other appointments for family members

**Look at all that MAGIC in 27 days!** I can’t wait to see all the magic that has happened in your business.



Belief is EASY When Good Things Are Happening

I have found myself really focused and intentional within my business everyday and continue to do that even when things aren’t happening within my business. Today was one of those days where I have had some things in business not “go as planned” and whether that is connections with women falling through or strategy sessions canceling or needing to reschedule I found myself starting to 2nd guess.

I have been going out and sharing this business model with a lot of women over the last couple of weeks. I have been able to meet new people and connect with them, and some have found this model to be a fit for them. I am totally aware most of the time as to where I fall within this model!! Believe me, I know exactly when my fears are blocking, exactly when I am giving, and exactly when I am wholeheartedly trusting and believing in myself and in GOD as he is guiding me.

As I look back and reflect on the last month in comparison to the last couple of days, I realized that it is a hell of a lot easier when things are falling into place and when everything seems to be working out and moving ahead as planned. The problem is that when things shift a bit and you begin to feel things are “falling apart” that is when it is MOST important to BELIEVE and TRUST! This is level/step 5 in the business model I share!!! Out of 7 levels, this is the easiest to do when things are going well. We tend to not even think about it really! Of course we trust ourselves and of course we have the trust in God that he is guiding us because we can see the shit happening within our business! WE CAN SEE THE RESULTS.

So why does it take us to have to see the results to believe. Why do we have to get to that point? We shouldn’t. We should be able to believe in ourselves and our business and our plan/God’s plan before seeing any results at all. We should all be carrying a level of belief in ourselves that the life we speak of, dream of and want to achieve is ours before ANY OTHER PIECES FALL INTO PLACE. That is what the TRUE definition of belief IS!

It doesn’t work to believe for a little bit, but as soon as the shit hits the fan we don’t believe anymore! Think about this…..what does this change boil down to? What makes us shift our thinking of belief to doubt? What is it that holds us back, because the reality is it has nothing to do with anything or anyone but you and GOD. It has nothing to do with those women that didn’t “show up” for their strategy sessions or connection dates. It has nothing to do with anything that is going on around us. It has EVERYTHING to do with what is going on INSIDE of us. This is what I call the INNER GAME! All the bullshit that goes on in our head.

So this boils down to 1 or 2 major factors. 1. Confidence 2. Fear. I know that a lot of you struggle with this! I know that these 2 reasons are the reasons that we give up. These are the reasons that our businesses aren’t successful, but think about this. WHAT IF you could build that confidence quickly? What if you could overcome those fears quickly. Here is the thing about fear…..IT NEVER GOES AWAY! It just shows up differently as time goes on! I still have fear about what I am doing. Good lord, in a matter of 2 weeks I quit a job, launched my own company and fear was all up in that thought process. “What the hell are you doing?” “You can’t be a coach!” “No one is going to work with you, you don’t have a “coaching degree” “HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND?” The difference is how quickly I can tell that voice in my head to fuck off, get the hell out, breakthrough that fear, and move onto things that will further my business. I have become pretty good at recognizing that voice in my head that isn’t really me talking! It doesn’t take me long at all as I now also notice a feeling in my stomach as fear starts to creep in.

The point I am making is it never goes away, but it is what we do with it and how quickly we can “snap out of it” that matters most. It is those moments it is hard to believe, yet that is the most important time to step back, and for me time to pray! I find myself talking….out loud…..to God. Don’t laugh! I am serious. I feel like I am not only saying it to let him know, but saying it out loud to hear it myself! Reminding myself AND telling my gremlin that I don’t trust him/her. I trust God. I believe in his journey for me. I believe that I am meant to have everything I dream of. I believe that he has me on the path to achieve those things. I believe that even if MY PLAN doesn’t “pan out” I know that THAT is part of HIS PLAN!

So, do you believe when it is easy? Do you believe when it is hard? Do you TRUST that no matter what happens it happens for GOD’S reason! I DO!!